Getting handsy
with the audience.

Brands depend on social media to engage and converse with audiences. For Supahands, a tight startup budget means this is the best channel to educate, engage and convert them into brand ambassadors.


We needed netizens to notice Supahands and understand our services. But we were vying against huge volumes of activity across major social media channels - with over 2 billion monthly users, hundreds of thousands of updates and comments posted within a minute.


To make Supahands matter, it first needed to be part of the things that mattered to everyone. We fused our brand promise and services with local and global trending stories, created a social content strategy that gathered all the topics that mattered to people, and added a Supahands spin to them.

The brand became relevant to people as it was part of everyday pop culture.


We introduced our brand's perspective on current and trending topics using painted hands.

These lightweight engagements were aimed to give audiences instant gratification. We assembled a core team to listen and identify ‘triggers’ which are trends worth talking about. Then we brainstorm and review with the client instantly to produce the engaging postings.



Unique Clicks




Conversion of likes to clicks

Most importantly, 3% of those who landed on Supahands' website were converted to businesses. Organic search for the brand has also grown as the campaign generated curiosity and awareness.