The business card that
lends a helping hand.

63% of working Malaysians have no time for family, friends or themselves. Supahands launched a service to help them save time by delegating tasks to virtual assistants. With the service in full swing, Supahands turned to VLT to design business cards that best represent their business.


Supahands was relatively unknown. While handing out business cards is a good way to leave a lasting impression, that’s not always the case. We needed to design business cards that are memorable while staying true to the brand’s proposition.


We decided to show what Supahands does instead of talk about it. So we reimagined the way traditional business cards work to lend a helping hand. Literally.


To help people anytime, anywhere with the small things they tend to overlook and do not have time for, we zeroed in on three functional designs:

Earphone cable organiser

to tie up all the loose ends and keep earphones tangle-free.


to easily mark the last page users have read, on the go.

Foldable Ruler

to easily fit in small pockets for emergency measurements.

More than just design and copywriting, the functionality of the business cards established Supahands as a brand to be remembered.