A 24-hour counsellor,
mentor and friend.

In a few years, young graduates will account for 36% of the Malaysian workforce and this goes up to 75% by 2025. However, 85% of them have post-graduation fears.


TalentCorp commissioned VLT to redesign Ready4Work.my and its online presence. The new platform should look beyond a job-seeking portal to disseminate different information at different stages of post-graduation.

We had to understand the complexities, mindset and behaviour of students to empower and be relevant to them.


We built a deeper connection with users by providing a platform that helps them understand career obstacles, while providing insights and tools to help them make the best decision about their future.

Accessible from any device, Ready4Work.my acted as the users’ full-time counsellor, mentor and friend in preparing for their careers.


From the design and structure, to the style and tone of the content, it was a complete overhaul from the inside out. VLT strategically mapped out the experience through 3 main pillars.


To inspire users, we encouraged the dissemination of user-generated content related to their interests and passion. A gamification approach encouraged active contribution. Top contributors and top-viewed content will be publicly recognised by us.


Strategically provide content that guides users, stage-by-stage into the workforce. The content will be prepared by a panel of relevant partners, a column of experts and Ready4Work.my


A responsive design and journey was adopted for users to find the most popular functions on Ready4Work.my from the moment they landed on the site. A list of tools were designed to assist users to understand themselves better, recommend jobs and improve skill sets. The fluidity of collaboration between us and the client helped us iterate quickly as we went along, ensuring iterations were on point which increased efficiency.


the best company that fits your skill set and your character

It’s a Free Resource

- attend as frequently as possible until you land the right job


An increase of


in returning visitors

An average of


time spent on the site

A reduction of


in the exit rate

Based on a survey with students, the site made an impact in their career and future decision making. That’s the best results we could ask for.