Munch your way
to happiness.


About 78% of Malaysians are unhappy with their lifestyles or feeling stressed out at work. Munchy's, a cheeky and yummylicious brand, knew they had to do something about it.


Munchy's Facebook page needed an edge in the competitive market to attract and engage more teens and working adults. Those who were fans already genuinely like the brand. So Munchy's challenged us to turn their fans' 'likes' into 'love', potentially creating social buzz.


We knew that brand love can only be cultivated when people are happy. So we turned the Munchy's Facebook page into a place where people can forget their worries while we spread happiness in their everyday life.


“Munch Your Way to Happiness” became the foundation of our social strategy. We pushed out relevant and timely content according to our fans' social consumption habits.

The experience that goes beyond the products.

We re-imagined Munchy's as cheeky characters in our content. They instilled happiness while being at the heart of the image. Our utility-based content was also skewed towards fans' interests such as DIYs, recipes, origami and more.

Interactive happiness.

Community management was the key in spreading happiness. We responded to fans with relevant information and became part of the conversation. We also drove interactions and excitement with simple game-based content.

Fans - the future brand advocates.

We wanted fans to be more involved with the brand. So we turned their fanship into friendship. #LexusBersama campaign was a good example as fans took pictures with their family and shared them on Facebook, making them the spotlight of the brand.


In 2014, we acquired:


Million viewers


Visits on the microsite

By re-engineering our strategy, Munchy’s ignited an explosion of happiness in the social space. Most of all, happy thoughts and cheeky smiles abounded the page as we created an environment for people to soothe their minds (and appetites).