Share the Softness.

The social space is filled with negativity, from bad news to internet trolls spreading hate. These situations can’t be avoided but there’s an opportunity for us to turn things around.


“Share the Softness” campaigns were not new. They reminded consumers to step away from their busy schedules to show their loved ones how much they care. We needed to reinforce this purpose once again without being overwhelmed by the negativity surrounding social media, while making the contest different from the past campaigns.


Public displays of affection are common on social media. So we acknowledge this behaviour and created a channel for people to declare their feelings for their loved ones. Their declarations were treated as an “act of softness’’ and rewarded accordingly.


We invited fans to express themselves through the share function. All they needed to do was tag their loved ones as they share their message.

The incentive? A multitude of prizes. From Polaroid cameras to GSC movie tickets, we made sure every fan felt loved by Kleenex® just as much as they loved their partners. We even created and designed a limited edition Kleenex® Softness Pack to bring out the brand’s qualities.


We had the best performing “Share the Softness” campaign to date. The contest saw an increase of 82% in participation, making it the highest in the campaign’s history. Facebook fan base grew by 50.19% to 40,878 fans in less than 2 months. Fans were more engaged with the brand then they ever had, sharing positive posts and comments.


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