Turning celebrities
into the fans’ fans.

The Anugerah MeleTOP Era is a People’s Choice Awards Show initiated by Astro. This awards show is set to recognise Malaysia’s hottest talents across all entertainment categories.


VLT’s task was to set precedence for this debut awards show in an industry that has already seen countless others. How do we give THIS new awards show an experience the fans will remember?


Fans have always just been treated like fans. This time, we made them the celebrities instead.

We knew we had to make the experience meaningful and immersive so we focused the spotlight on the fans to celebrate them instead. This turned a typical celebrity-focused awards night into a fan-centric awards show. Doing this lets us leverage on the expansive social influence of the key demographics, Malay youths aged 15-24.


Make the experience participatory.

A livestream with a content aggregator allowed fans to watch, celebrate and empower themselves as influencers and content distributors. Each fan’s tweets related to the awards were displayed on the microsite in real-time. Fans remained engaged as their social media contributions influenced the results of the celebrities’ social impact.

Extend their social clout.

Each award nominee and their fans rallied support to tip the social meter in real-time, which is displayed as an interactive bubble that grows based on the numbers of mentions pulled from social media posts and hashtags.

Create a unique showstopper.

We helped set up the 360° Glam Cam where photos of the celebrities on the red carpet were instantly uploaded onto the microsite as GIFs for fans to share. Printed flip books were also given to celebrities as door gifts, prompting them to share it on Instagram and thus generating more buzz and directing their fan base to our microsite.



Million viewers


Visits on the microsite


Increase in pageviews

The social experience generated a staggering spike in social buzz and record-breaking ratings in Astro’s history. The microsite itself received 162,874 visits and 567% in unique visitors.

The effort scored the highest ever organic followers growth recorded over a weekend for Astro and catapulted Astro Gempak as the most popular social media brand in Malaysia with a 400% increase in pageviews.