The success of
a failing drama.

Kusinero Cinta is a premium drama aired on ASTRO Mustika HD with original screenplay, quality production, high-profile Malaysian, Filipino and Indonesian celebrity cast, and shot in multiple countries. So why wouldn’t it succeed?


Confident that the series would be a hit, Kusinero Cinta was launched on a slim budget with a digital strategy to drive conversations. It included behind-the-scenes content, trivia, Chit-Chat Cinta and polls. But the ratings for the drama dropped week after week.

Several factors were taken into consideration for the bad ratings – the World Cup, Ramadhan and Hari Raya. But one factor stood out. Malaysians prefer series from adapted screenplay. So how could we turn the ratings around for a failing drama series?


We realised that most of the target audience's conversations on social media revolved around the celebrities’ life outside the show. So we immediately switched our strategy from driving the show's content to driving tune-ins. We latched on to trending topics about the celebrities and made them into content. That became our pivoting point. We became part of the chatter that matters.


The always Beta approach was adopted.

We observed for trending topics about the celebrities and created related content that linked the show's scenes to them. This gave every scene the potential to be content and serve as a reminder to watch the show.

Second screen interaction as drama airs.

During the drama, viewers could chat with each other about the storyline and plot twists. We moderated the conversations by starting and adding on to viewers' point of interests.

Pick the trending format.

Buzzfeed is all the rage in Malaysia. So we created additional content in formats that people love to be placed on Gempak and Murai. Example of article: 10 outfits we loved on Aaron Aziz in Kusinero Cinta.


New session garnered by

Time spent on the site up by

Bounce rate reduced by

Reduction of the bounce rate by 18% and increase of time spent on the site by 38%. We also garnered 65% new sessions on the last episode. By switching our strategy after realising it wasn't working, we managed to help bring the ratings back up.