A go-to company for innovative tech products where we can create from idea – product development or digitalisation – to-go-to market


VLT is an award winning design, technology and innovation company with a drive to build products, businesses and transform brands

We create human-centered products and experiences.

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VLT is a disruptive tech brand

In a time of seismic technological change and digital invention, our passionate people use the smartest technology to reinvent and innovate by delivering superior technology solutions and world-class customer experiences that enables the success of Start-up, Scale-Up and Enterprise businesses

We have from inception, been always trying to disrupt the status quo, and that’s why we built VLT Labs, invested in TheCo. and venture built startups. We differentiate ourselves from the competition with our ability to provide end to end solutions from conception to delivery We enable our customers to leapfrog to the future by building revolutionary products that haven’t been used before in the markets it is released into
VLT knows the future is innovative tech products  and we have the solutions to give our customers the power to be engaged in that realm We educate our customers on what really works in today’s age of intuitive-product demands

VLT is a trusted partner for business growth and transformation in SEA

Like some of the businesses we serve, we started small and have grown beyond what seemed imaginable. We take real pride from how many of our customers have flourished and that our products have grown with them as they grow.

VLT creates experiences that make people’s lives better, on behalf of brands by integrating strategy, creative, technology and content capabilities with the ultimate aim to grow the clients business  Having been successful in Malaysia, VLT is now expanding  and growing its Southeast Asia (SEA) Centre of Excellence.

Since making it’s presence in Singapore, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and targeting more countries with the aim to grow this hub of innovation and technology. It’s strategic plan is to be able to build, innovate and deliver digital products and services for the regions

Having been successful in Malaysia, VLT is invested to expand and grow its Southeast Asia (SEA) Centre of Excellence.We are strategically positioned be able to build, innovate and deliver digital products and services for the region.


Our hub includes product managers, technologist, strategist, full stack engineers, UX and UI specialists, go-to-market teams.


This hub is birthed from both the pool of scalable talent in the region and the witnessing of huge potentials in Southeast Asian countries which are in their high growth stage.

Such countries benefit from innovative digital products as it adds a huge advantage to its economies by enhancing revenues and speeding up growth.Consumers in these countries are rapidly changing the way they consume their products and VLT aims to capture this market at its prime. This will also serve as a launchpad to be deployed into these markets where we have insights and presence.